Vice Chair

Emily Price

 Study/Work: Aberystwyth University Student key_emily.jpg

 Location: Aberystwyth

 About me: My name is Emily and I’m a third year  student at Aberystwyth University studying  Mathematics & Physics, but I’m originally from  Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. I’ve been a  supporter of the party since 2010 but I didn’t take  the plunge and become a member until May 2015.  Since then I’ve campaigned in Assembly elections,  helped with the InTogether campaign, spoken  during motions at both Welsh and Young Liberals  conference, and been President of Aberystwyth Student and Young Liberals. Outside of politics, I can often be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, or more likely hobbling about on crutches after injuring myself playing Ultimate Frisbee.

What I do: I’m responsible for the finances, and for drafting any budgets we present at our AGM. In addition to this, I am in charge of organising our AGM, I’m our representative on the Welsh Conference Committee, and I co-ordinate our presence at these conferences. I also help Chloe with writing policies, and take on Callum’s duties in his absence.

Twitter: @EJPhysics


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